Hi my name is RedTillDead. You might know me from being banned or anything related to my ban. Here is all you need to know about me:

I started playing CivWars a long time ago, I first joined in December of 2014 under the name bobdylan1230. I mostly kept to myself, I had been playing with a personal friend at the time and we liked to just chill in our mountain base. My friend got bored, and I got hooked. I started getting more and more involved in the chat, and after a friendly discussion with some people about politics (talltitanicc and DuhBuzz), I changed my name to RedTillDead as a joke about me being a communist. (Important note: This is not where I was originally called Red from. My real life friends called me "Red" as a nickname in Middle School.)

I didn't play too often in 2015, but in 2016 I was on almost all the time. I joined talltitanicc's Knights in June or July of 2016 if I'm not mistaken, and I insided the Nazi Germany roleplayers that had come onto the server. I was neutral, and the Nazis wanted to use my vault to hide their gear since they were losing to Adzy. I let them, and then I gave all the gear to Adzy, and the Nazis fell shortly after.

After this incident, talltitanicc recommended me to join TRE. And I did, I was a Roman roleplayer. I learned how to Minecraft march, I played on their RP server, the whole nine yards. Ultimately, it wasn't for me. When I was in a VC with TRE, we moved over to a public VC where I had my first voice-to-voice interaction with DuhBuzz. We talked all night, even after everyone had left, and he had just put together Drastia earlier that day. He invited me to join, and I accepted.

I left TRE on good terms, such good terms in fact that SirMaltier asked me to inside Drastia. I said sure, of course. And then didn't, but I told Buzz about it later which prompted a "Never betray the Nazis." from NoProfit. Before joining Drastia, I met dogs4war,

I was a member of Drastia until CivWars came to it's end, and I loved every second of it. I think everyone who played Civ back then knows we got into more than our fair share of mischief.
I also went in and out of neutrality many many times. This led to me making friends such as our very own FlagCourier, YamiEmiri, teenycorgi, and the list goes on and on.

After Civ was purchased by IHazCow, me and dogs4war created the Papacy, and built a small church, which was invaded by the infamous Moosebobby. After that, I didn't play as often, and there was a whole incident with Relaxer and me giving out my token which is a little embarrassing so we don't need to go into that. It cost me my Senior Mod role which I didn't deserve anyways but was still crushing to my ego.

Then Civ reset again, and I made a neutral nation with dogs and some other of my friends. It was the largest nation on the server for quite some time, and we mostly did building. After talking with Randall and Vali and a few others, I was convinced to "reform Drastia" and join their war against Moose. We lost every single battle, but it was good fun. There's a video on my channel of me valiantly taking an 8v1, if you're interested.
On this Civ map, I was banned and blacklisted from CivWars, which doesn't need much of a mention because it got plenty of treatment in my ban appeal.

That brings me to writing this post, which means that concludes the writing of my history on Civilization Wars. I left out some stuff but no one will read this anyways.

Here are some more basic things about me:
I like reading, and I like writing. I also like arguing, which I am doing right now in the political discussion channel of CivWars Discord. I'll probably wind up doing that a lot.
My favorite colors are green and red.
I don't have a lot of free time, but when I do have free time, and when I get a new computer, I would like to be on CivWars a lot :)
I am schizophrenic.
My favorite game right now is Apex Legends but Minecraft is always cool.
I vc a lot so if you want to vc just ask me! Discord: Red#1361
I like maps, I play a lot of map games. If you want to play map games with me, like Hearts of Iron IV or Europa Universalis IV or anything else, DM me on my above Discord account and we can schedule a game.
I am a traditional Roman Catholic. I attend Mass at an FSSP Parish, which is a fancy way of saying Latin Mass.

Final note: There are many of you who I have wronged in the past, and never apologized to. You all know who you are, and I know who you are too. I know many of you aren't interested in hearing what I have to say, but if you are, you can add me at Red#1361 on Discord and hopefully we can work things out.

God Bless
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