Denied Sheepy for mod THE SEQUEL

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In game name: Kplayer2
Age: 16
Country: Maryland
Why do you believe you should be staff?: Very active in the Civwars discord server
What would you bring to our current staff team?: Very active in the Civwars discord = more active moderation
If you could change one thing to Civwars, what would it be?: Better management of the suggestions channel. While I'm incapable of it myself, Coolsurdy (or any bot tbh) should be automatically reacting to every message with the Check and X, rather than awaiting a moderator/admin to add them. Additionally, there needs to be more transparency on what is under review, what will be implemented, or what will be rejected. Perhaps a separate channel in which admins can quote suggestions and say whether a suggestion is under review or is just rejected. Maybe a Frequently Posted Suggestions (FPS) list with things that wont get added so that common suggestions wont be made (dynmap for example), and if you guys are like ascended or smth you could automatically filter those out. Ban the word sex I dare you


- 1 Sheepy! I am here to tell you here that those will not get you moderator (obviously) I am aware that you're slightly meme'ing and you're making a meme but you're making it harder if you decide in the future if you decide you actually DO want it.


this didn’t feel like I was reading a staff application, it’s more like reading the suggestions box at Taco Bell


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Make a 100% serious application for it and it will be 100% considered. I love you sheepy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Not open for further replies.

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