Accepted Staff Application


New member
In game name: Vali
Age: 24
Country/Timezone: Canada (EST)
Why do you believe you should be staff?: I am a good learner and am always willing to give my full effort in everything I do. I believe in helping to make the server that I love a better place for everyone by maintaining the highest standard of purity and integrity. I believe in fairness and inclusivity for all. I have in the past recorded and reported people who were in violation of the rules. Though I have had my fair share of mistakes in the past myself, I have maintained to atone for them in full transparency and apologies.
What would you bring to the current staff team?:
I will bring my best effort.
If you could change one thing to Civwars, what would it be?:
If I could change one thing about Civwars, it would be more community engagement and events. I would like to hear what every player personally has to say about their experience on civwars and what ways it could be improved. For example, having events with less pvp, and more building, teamwork, puzzles, ect.
Anything else to add?:
Yes, I would like to add that I am free for a lot of the time due to the nature of my work (especially in winters) and I look forward to working with all of you.


+1 I’ve known vali for several years now and he’s genuinely one of the nicest people I’ve talked to. I think he would be an amazing addition to the staff team. I loved his idea of having some events outside of pvp, which would definitely help the server. ❤️

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