[Surrender] White Flag Surrender

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Getting overrun in war? No longer have the will to carry on a losing effort? Wave the white flag!

This is a brand new initiative the CivWars team is implementing to add more depth to war. It's very simple on the player end of things. The nation leader must simply create a thread in this subsection using this format. NOTE: If, and only if, your nation leader is inactive, you (a town mayor) may fill out this form and apply for the White Flag surrender. Do not leave your nation and create one to white flag surrender, we will check.


Town Name:

Nation Name:

Towns in Nation (complete list):

Current Inventory of War Supplies (P4 + Swords + Gaps):

Date of White Flag Surrender:

Current Allied Nation(s):

Current Enemied Nation(s):

Along with filling out this form, you must notify an administrator who will toggle your nation as peaceful. If you are being warflagged at the time you choose to surrender, you may log off, with no penalty, after you complete these above steps.

You will be granted 14 days of immunity in which you are expected to follow all normal neutrality rules, which can be found here. To prevent this from becoming an easy way to fund war efforts, there will be additional restrictions. NEW: You will also relinquish all war supplies you have (you really shouldn't be using white flag if you have boatloads of gear), and use the next two weeks to re-stock and re-build your armory. Do not try hiding supplies, we will find it.

1. You may not buy/sell/trade/barter in any form with the members of your former alliance.

2. No members of the surrendering towns may continue war efforts on alternate accounts.
3. No members of the surrendering towns may attend/observe any battles.
4. Members of the former alliance may not use resources/farms/grinders claimed by the surrendering town, even if the surrendering town has people online and vice versa.
5. No town may leave or join the surrendering nation.

ANY violation of these rules will result in the termination of the White Flag surrender and you will be promptly returned to your warring state. Depending on the severity of the infraction, additional fines and/or punishments may be imposed, as well as not being eligible for white flag surrender in the future.
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