The Big Suggestions Thread


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Down but not out, here is all of the suggestions for CivWars that I can think of at the moment.
Some of these I know are being added, and others have been talked about. This is merely so the administration and development team can have an easier time implementing changes and fixes to better the server. Feel free to talk about them below, and I encourage Management to come into this thread and say what is being worked on/added to help ease some of the worries that the playerbase has been floating around lately.

There is a flag war patch that is coming soon, and I can confirm that it will revolutionize war and fix many of the ongoing concerns. Here are a few more things that I think will help make PVP more enjoyable for everyone.
- Disable Turtle Master Potions
This was actually suggested before the server launched, and almost everyone voted for it (I think only one or two people voted against it, if I remember correctly). The reason for this is that it gives resistance 3, which makes you unkillable. It's basically a god-mode potion that you can pop when you get into a sticky situation. I recently uploaded a video in which turtle master potions were used against us and we could not win 2v1s, 3v1s, and even greater ratios. Turtle master potions take away the possibility of dying for whoever carries one, which basically removes the entire function of PVP.
- Disable Resistance 2 on Beacons
This has a similar reasoning to disabling turtle master potions, in that someone who has resistance two is effectively invulnerable. The current strategy for defenders is two enable resistance two on the beacon, pearl on the flag, and then run out. The defender can break the flag with no danger to themselves because they have resistance two. Furthermore, in teamfights, one can simply run back into the resistance two beacon area if they believe they are going to die.
- Add a cooldown to tridents
This one is pretty straightforward and I know it's being added.
- More moderation of TNT cannons
I know staff is stretched pretty thin as it is, so this could be asking for a lot. But as it stands right now people can cannon anything they want, even if its just a pretty build, and turn it into a wasteland. Grief is not moderated. The rule does not need to be changed at all, it just needs to be better enforced.
- Enable pearls in claims
I know that staff tried to make this work, but I also know that it can easily be done, I believe that it just needs to be looked into again. Defenders have more than enough of an advantage in war right now, and with pearls only working if it's your claims it makes it nearly impossible to kill defenders if they have pearls, since attackers can't chase them. This would also allow for an easing of the no ganks rule (not a removal, since I think the rule is good.)
- Allow looser interpretation of flag blocking rule
For those of you who do not know, the flag blocking rule essentially means that you cannot make it impossible to flag a certain area by placing a roof over it. However, the way staff moderates this currently is that, if it is even slightly possible (ie, one block is not covered by a roof), then it is not flag blocking. This means that defenders can essentially manipulate the attackers into flagging only in one spot where they want them to, and they can build spleefers underneath that area, and TNT dispensers to blow up the flag without any risk of danger to themselves (which is my next point).
- Disable TNTing flags/make it illegal
The reason I have this split up is because I do not know if it's possible to make it so that TNT does not affect flags. On 1.8 CivWars, it was not disabled nor was it illegal, but people didn't abuse it; they actually fought over the flag. That is not the current situation, and it makes warring pointless (especially coupled with the above point). There is no effort in placing TNT and lighting it to blow up a flag, especially when you can do it without having to worry about being hit by any enemies, and when there is no counter to the falling TNT, once it's lit it will blow up the flag no matter what. Not to mention the damage it does to the landscape.
- Fix hitstacking
There are various combat bugs, including hitstacking, that increase damage variably and can ruin PVP entirely. For example, Heqrtstrings got killed in 2 hits at KOTH on Tuesday, and another took 7 hearts in one hit. I would be happy to work with development and management to help them find what exactly causes this, I am open to being a guinea pig for this sort of thing.
- Dogs.
I know this is being fixed, but it deserves an honorable mention here anyways.
- Digging under the flag
This is currently illegal, but few people seem to know this, and it also goes unpunished a lot of the time.
- Harsher punishments for breaking war-rules
I do not want anyone banned. However, we are reaching a point where everyone knows many of the basic rules about war, and breaks them anyways, knowing that they will just get a warning. A warning is nothing on CivWars, all of us just see it as a slap on the wrist.
- Remove temporary protection when tp'ing
When you teleport, you have a few seconds where you're invincible and cannot take any damage. This has been abused in war to stay out of combat, to troll players, and to the ridiculous extent of even breaking flags.

I know many people complain about CivWars disabling more and more things, so I will make a case for my suggestions that insist on disabling certain parts of the game. CivWars is not a vanilla 1.16 server, as the PVP is entirely custom, and every version that it updates to is increasingly custom. This means that every version adds more and more new features, and these features affect PVP. As CivWars PVP attempts to prolong 1.8 PVP, it has to contend with these new features - features that are not meant to be balanced against 1.8 PVP. Mojang does not add features with 1.8 PVP in mind, they add them with 1.9 PVP in mind. This means that anything and everything they add is going to be inherently unbalanced when it comes to PVP, which requires lots of balancing, testing, and unfortunately, disabling of certain things entirely. This is the price we pay for a 1.8 PVP server, and since we all are playing this war server, we all are paying that price willingly. The only other option to fix PVP would be to make it 1.9, and that would drive away a considerable amount of the playerbase, and I know for a fact it is not being considered at this moment (maybe in the future).


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Towny/General Changes
This is a list of general suggestions that I think can be implemented on the server to encourage the playerbase and bolster the activity, as well as fix numerous imbalances that I have found and others have found as well.
- Increase neutrality prices
Recently, the requirements for becoming neutral were lessened (which in my opinion was a good change, as two months was way too long). However, there is a problem that can easily come out of this. With war players becoming disillusioned with the state of war, or just not wanting to lose things and wanting a safe and easy exit, all they have to do is wait 1-2 weeks and then ask to join the neutral nation, at no cost to them. There are a few changes that I think will fix this so I'll list them here.
* For players who were previously in a warring nation and are now joining a neutral nation, add a one-time payment for that player to join neutrality. It should not be free to exit a war.
* Make neutral town mayors also have to pay a neutrality price (albeit much lower than nation owners) so that way they are not just freeloading. Right now, only the nation leader has to pay a price, and they can meet it very easily. This would ensure that people do not make neutral towns to get out of a war and then do not play the server except to log on occasionally. Neutrality is not intended to be an escape from playing the server or from participation in it.
* Increase the monthly price for neutral nation leaders to pay (there's only two neutral nation leaders, one who is inactive, and they are both rich) to 100k or 150k. The server has been up almost 2 months and 100k (which is what most people agreed with when I brought it up on Discord) and even 150k (which is what I personally think is fair) is not even a drop in the bucket to neutral nations. If you can't afford to be neutral you should not be neutral. For all the talk the server management does about eating the rich they are really letting the 1% dominate the server right now.

- Make it so neutral players can't sell war items/war-related items
One of the biggest problems with rules is that they are so complicated that they are hard or impossible to enforce. One such rule is the "no factory" rule, which makes it so you can't supply exclusively one side of the war. I talked about this in Discord suggestions, but essentially this rule is impossible to enforce because it is up to the discretion of the administration team; and a neutral nation could very easily sell to one side without the other side knowing about it at all. Pretty much the only time that someone could get caught being a factory is if the one they're factory-ing(?) for reports them. Further, by enabling neutrals to sell war items and war-related items to non-neutral players, it is dividing the playerbase against each other, and deepening an ever-worsening animosity of war players against neutral players, and vice versa. Neutral players selling war items actively hurts the community.
This also means make it illegal for neutral players to hand out war items. However, I think that neutral players should be able to give out for free any items that don't pertain to war. If staff/management is interested what I would put on this list (if you specifically define the items, then there can be no loopholes) they can DM me and I will write up an exhaustive list.

- Move the economy from a fish-based economy to a diamond-based economy
The way everyone on their server makes their money right now is from fishing. Fishing is stupidly OP. This does not make sense on a towny *war* server, the economy should be based on a valuable resource that everyone needs, not arbitrary fishing. that's why the economy should move back to being diamond-based. The solution to this in my opinion is this: diamonds should be the focus of fueling war and the economy, so the diamondshop should increase the payout for selling diamonds. Farming should be a viable method of getting a passive supplementary income, while you build up to create actual "farms" and get diamonds to get a main income. TLDR income should be from industries and diamonds, would be much better than fishing and the jobs plugin.
- Make it easier to get out of spawn / ADD RTP
One of the biggest problems with new players joining right now is that they have a difficult time getting out of spawn. Most new people join, ask how to rtp, and then leave. Those who stay wander around attempting to find the exit of spawn, and then leave. We are lucky if someone like MLG is on to guide them out of spawn and teach them how to play (which he has been very good at doing), but we shouldn't have to rely on that to retain players. Make a clear path out of spawn. I would do this by either removing the player markets (no one uses them anyways), or pushing them further to the side so it's a clear path to the exit when you spawn in. I know that RTP is planned to be added when the map is expanded, but I believe it should be added right now, and the map expansion should come soon. Add a cooldown :)
- Fix the museum.
- Add back the old auction plugin.
- Make it so that chat isn't filled with messages when you are in team fights, and change the color of death messages.

The main reason behind the general suggestions is to change things that players are annoyed with, and to mostly generate better player retention on unique account. When a new player joins they are often scared off, and there is no reason to blame them. CivWars can be pretty scary, and there is a lot we can do to help them realize that this is a community they should be a part of. But that requires changes, and I hope the staff team is willing and able to see them through. I am happy to help where I can.


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Donator / Shop Changes
There is quite a lot of small, straightforward changes that I would like to suggest here, so I will just list them off without much of an explanation, or without any at all. However, there are a few big ones, and I realize that people might not necessarily be fans of them. But I do believe sincerely that each change I suggest here will benefit the entire server, even if it hurts me (a donator myself) and other donators.
* Add a dark mode for the CivWars donator shop. This way when someone opens it up late at night they don't lose their vision.
* Add another low end rank, as there are three low end ranks and four high end ranks.
* Space out the pricing better, can be done by adding another low end rank :) currently pro to God is $40, but God to Legend is $25.
* Currently I have noticed that when someone buys fly, they are getting the /fly command, not the /tfly command. /fly should not be sold, only /tfly should.
* Sell individual commands (/top, /broadcast, /nick, /ptime, /weather).
* Fix the permissions for donators (for example, Chaos cannot do /top). There are a few more, but it would be best if you had a donator test all the permissions off the website and then tell you. I volunteer!
* Add a 5 minute cool down to /weather, so both sides aren't spamming /weather rain and /weather clear for trident fights.
* Quartz should not be more expensive than obsidian in the shop.
* Individual purchasable kits (/kit tools, /kit food, etc.)
* Donating a certain amount gets your name on a plaque at spawn to honor you as a supporter of CivWars!
* Fix embedded links on the main page of the shop, Community Wiki and Forums do not work.
* General rework of how the shop looks. It does not match the professionalism that a server that has been maintained this long should have, nor does it stand up to the quality of the forums.
* Add more blocks/items to blocks/items.
* Increase the boosted coin reward.
* The high end rank upgrades don't display everything they actually give - Zeus and Chaos both give /pweather, but the upgrades do not show this, for example.
* Remove slowmode in Discord for donators.
* Super cool donator tag on forums, depending on your donator rank.
* Temporary, limited WorldEdit for neutrals, purchasable in shop.
* Add a exhaustive list of all the CivWars donators (unless they direct otherwise) to the forums/shop/Discord, somewhere to show appreciation with a note that says thank you to all the donors.
* Purchasable access to old forums? I'm nostalgic for old Civ.
* Purchasable port of x-sized building from old world to new world?
* Purchasable unban for non-blacklisted players. Variable on offense committed.
* There are a lot of things that neutrals can buy but warring players can't. There should also be things that warring players can buy, but neutral players can't. For example:
- Limited silk touch spawners (in both time and uses)
- 30 XP levels
- Elytras
- Kit God Sword
- Kit flag. An inventory of flags. You know you want to.
- Staff advertised recruitment thread for a nation. I make a recruitment thread for my nation on the forums, and staff advertises it in announcements.
* Purchasable hosting of a server-advertised, community-hosted event.
* Fix cooldowns for donator kits. Some have 3 days, some have 1 week.

- Remove Protection 4 Unbreaking 3 Diamond Armor from Donator Kits
There are several donator options that give you protection 4 diamond armor currently, and if you have Chaos or another high end rank you get quite a bit of armor. Every 3 days someone can log on, get their kits, and not have to grind a day in their life for protection 4 armor. This is not a good situation, not only does it mean that a side with donators has an unfair advantage over the other side, but it also means that the server is open to accusations of being P2W. Kits should go back to being Protection 2 armor, or at most protection 3 armor. This would force warring players who donate to actually grind, instead of spawning in gear from kits to fight on the server.
- Remove instant tp.
/back was removed as a donator perk because of its abuse in war. I believe that instant tp should be removed for the same reason. I saw it suggested by Chocolate to add a small timer when you tp to /spawn and to a sethome, even if you have instant tp, as people were abusing instant tp to get out of fights and the such. At that point, instant tp should just be removed entirely. I know that not a lot of donators would be a fan of this, but I ultimately think it is for the best. The way it stands right now, someone can bind /spawn to a keybind (as many people do, and I have seen it quite a bit), and then when they are running they can simply hit their keybind and tp out, without having to stop. This means that when you are in a fight and being chased, all you have to do is stay out of combat just log enough to press a key. You would have to add something else to donator ranks though. DM me :))
- Make it so you cannot sethome in enemy territory, and cannot tp to a home in enemy territory.
This is straightforward, and would remove the need of moderation of sethomes, which is a complicated process that an overextended staff team should not have to deal with in the first place.

Staff Suggestions
I don't have a lot to say about the staff team that I haven't already said, but I will make a few honorable mentions and give a word or two about a problem plaguing the server at the moment.
The server desperately needs more staff. Given two staff "resigning", and many more just being plain inactive, we effectively only have one active moderator at the time. While he does a great job, the server is in a position where staff needs to keep a sharp eye on every single fight, and be constant in its watch over the server. With the current manpower of the staff team this is not feasible. Inactive staff should be demoted and replaced with more active ones.
Lilyuh, and FTen would make great moderators, and bringing Yami back would be an excellent idea.

Will make more edits soon.
Edit 1: Added staff suggestions.
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After reading this light novella, the likes of which only red could muster at this level of depth, I was hard-pressed to find anything I overtly disagreed with (except maybe instant tp). Lots of QOL things I think would make the server a lot better are presented here, and I think institution of the proposed changes could really only help. big +1


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Although I agree with some of these, it seems like together it would be too drastic of a change.
The under moderation defiantly needs a change, way too many rule breaks go unpunished or unnoticed by staff, especially on one side, and balancing happens to mechanics only used by one side.
But changes to the individual mechanics, and more significant mechanics such as neutrals and economy, would all be too much of a difference altogether.
I'm not against this as a whole. Change needs to happen, but all at once would be too much.


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instead of switching to a lower tier protection, why not switch up those high end kits entirely like they were supposed to be. not gonna name names, but someone dipped while it was in the process of being done before server launch


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instead of switching to a lower tier protection, why not switch up those high end kits entirely like they were supposed to be. not gonna name names, but someone dipped while it was in the process of being done before server launch
That is essentially what I am for, yeah. If MGMT needs ideas then they can talk to us big boy donators


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Feels like everything you want removed is targeted at a certain group. Nothing is stopping you fro doing the same you just dony wanna put in the work.

Otherwise pretty decent suggestions


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Feels like everything you want removed is targeted at a certain group. Nothing is stopping you fro doing the same you just dony wanna put in the work.

Otherwise pretty decent suggestions
What feels targeted and how? What work is involved in TNTing a flag (which is getting removed), or making a beacon set to resistance two? There is no work in those at all. The reason that I don't personally do them is because I find it unfair and unfun. CivWars used to be about team fights, now it is about who can find the cheesiest strat to avoid fighting altogether. Why would I want to take the fun out of fighting altogether?
I don't know why you have to take it personally or say that I don't want to put in the work, either. Nothing is stopping me from doing it, you're right. That doesn't mean that it's good for the server or that it shouldn't be changed. If your argument is "well you could abuse x just as easily" then that's not an argument for it not being removed.
Sorry if they feel targeted, but the suggestions are for the betterment of the server as a whole.


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just a quick dosie cause why not, open to discussing what I'm saying further if clarification or more conversation is needed ik there will be disagreement :)

- Disable Turtle Master Potions
sure it makes someone practically invincible but also renders them unable to chase after anyone. the whole hole warfare thing has been discussed and pretty much banned, so running away should never be an issue
instead of removing, id suggests adding weakness as one of the effects.

- Disable Resistance 2 on Beacons
not got much to say on this one, other than both sides can do it, much like a fod base on rust for the attackers or something, a safeish place if they want to make an outpost to attack from. given both sides can muster one way of doing it id say its a fair tactic.

- More moderation of TNT cannons
i completely agree with this
but some people i feel are being a bit waa waa on this one (yes that's the technical term). i know from experience it can be really frustrating someone blowing a massive one on you, but i feel its all part of the one on one
okay but seriously, i feel people cried about this whilst simultaneously not even trying to protect their chests. but then yes, I'm not pretending I'm blind to the people who just made stupid cannons to grief shit and calling it collateral damage and blaming dread for TNT being shitty even though it actually worked fine

- Enable pearls in claims

- Allow looser interpretation of flag blocking rule
- Disable TNTing flags/make it illegal
id say as long as the flag is not manipulated in any way by the defenders, tnting it is okay
but if there is any forcing the attackers to flag in more of like a 3 chunk region, then tnting shouldn't be allowed.
if the TNT blows up a flag, the cannon it was fired from must be at least 32 blocks away from the flag, running up and placing by hand shouldn't be allowed.

- Digging under the flag
needs to be made more well known
was abused the fuck out of in recent brawls

- Harsher punishments for breaking war-rules
and a more organised system which all the staff agrees on
there was some problem we had where diamonds was giving a much lighter punishment than 'our side' got to the other side because he believed the punishment was too harsh. this didn't make things fair as punishments are there to do. not saying diamonds did the wrong thing there, id have done the same if i were in that situation, nevertheless, shit still needs sorting out and punishments must be fair. 'not knowing the rules' or 'first offence' really shouldn't be an excuse at all and shouldn't even be considered in the punishment. everyone agreed to the rules when they join the server. everyone gets audited by them too.

- Remove temporary protection when tp'ing
incredibly frustrating when this happens and the admin/staff just 'arent looking' or 'oooooh it was tooooootally an accident despite you telling me to move homes and wait after i tp and iv been threatened by punishments I'm not getting, my bad' *does it again and goes unpunished*
not pointing any fingers yall know what happened if u were there
i do think not for neutrals tho, i don't see how they could abuse tp prot

- Increase neutrality prices
yep, not too much tho

- Make it so neutral players can't sell war items/war-related items
I'm gonna say no on this one, on the bases:
- relationships are a big part in war being nice to some means u can be not so nice to others kinda shit
ie be nice to neutral nations and they trade with u shit so u can be not so nice to ur enemies
- trade should be more heavily regulated going onwards
rule 8A4a, ratio changed from 3:1 to 2:1
rule 8A4b ratio changed from 5:1 to 3:1
rule suggestion: trade from the neutral nation, must not exceed a ratio of 5:1 of trade between one nation, and trade between said nations enemy, if said nations enemy requests this.
these trade rules would apply to anything to be used in a war.

- Move the economy from a fish-based economy to a diamond-based economy
like no?
just fish?
just because a player doesn't want to or cant be bothered to fish, doesn't mean we should just move the economy over to whatever they are rich in, because then we will have the same problem with the fishermen.
also it gets to a point where there are just too many diamonds going around. there will always be hyperinflation in a diamonds lead market. this inflation had much less of an effect on the market.

- Make it easier to get out of spawn / ADD RTP
tfme u nfsb myakgrh lj erjvpawh oakfgagr ;orasr tfmeukg yro;
there we go, changed my keyboard layout on accident, that's staying there
big cooldown on the rtp, and make spawn have an obvious exit
maybe add commands like /wilderness, /wild, and some other intuitive commands and some holograms so its obvious to players how to leave spawn
wait why the fuck is there even a spawn
the only reason people ever go to /spawn is to leave the area which they /spawn to lmao
no one ever wants to go to spawn
they wanna go to the market, or echests, or enchanting tables, or the museum that needs actually doing
why does chalk taste funny

- Add back the old auction plugin.
- Make it so that chat isn't filled with messages when you are in team fights, and change the color of death messages.

yes and yes
maybe make it so people can see recent kills from a player and what each player had in their inventory






yes and remove them from donator ranks blow legend

just fix perms in general. perms are fucking piss easy. even alex figured it the fuck out on his own. i volunteer red too

okay no player accept staff should be allowed to manipulate the weather, and staff may not use it if they are participating in a battle, no exceptions whatsoever, /pweather should be allowed at any time other than in war, where the personal weather should be reset.

remove blocks from the civwars store, its against minecrafts eula lmao

disagree, the individual commands and kits donators get are good enough id say, /kit tools is just lazy asf, adding it is making it like 1 atom more p2w


all these things that are just 'fix' need to just be done, maybe just needed their own section in the thread

yea sure, wouldn't say its essential but for the new revample, would be cool to just change around some branding maybe and rework some layouts of some stuff

referring to my point a couple ago about eula
let people buy ingame 'credits', which are withdrawable and tradable ingame, but can only be used at an ingame shop that sells blocks
eula problem solved

i think they're fine rn but i personally wouldn't consider buying them so meh

steal hypixels layout for ranks lmao



yes, worldedit has a feature wherein survival it takes the materials out of ur inv


yes but no one can post in it

stop being nostalgic lol

yes, emphasis on the variable on the offence committed part

not sure on this one
if they wanna war they grind the gear
i say remove the things that neutral players can buy but waring players cant
why have i just got the urge to play space engineers again
civ should start a space engineers flag war server ong
just like a recruitment channel in discord would be neat

i think the payment is the community enjoying the event and civ history being made ect
staff should advertise community hosted server-related events anyways. should not at all be used to bring attention away from civ tho. obvs

yep, and extend all cooldowns toos

- Remove Protection 4 Unbreaking 3 Diamond Armor from Donator Kits
yes sir, max prot 3

- Remove instant tp.
no sir, people pay for convenience, said convenience they paid for should not be revoked, then ur just paying for nothing
short timer for sethomes for non-donors tho

- Make it so you cannot sethome in enemy territory, and cannot tp to a home in enemy territory.

i think these changes would be cool to see but (referral to my first comment) all the changes that have been suggested originally are too big of a change
defo open to discussing these

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