Vitian Market Prices


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Here is a list of our current ongoing prices for any war supplies that you can aquire from us. These rates may change in the near future depending on the demands of the server but as of right now these are the prices.

P4 Sets(W/Sword) 5k
(With Netherite Sword, 6k)
Diamond Echanchted is 1k Per Sword
Netherite sword is 2k per
Netherite ingots is 750 per ingot
Any resources like gold and diamonds will only be sold on bulk with fluctuating prices depending on how much is bought(More in cheaper)
Notch Apples are 300 per but bulk buy will reduce price
If you wish to buy pots, please dm me in discord @MadMMTM#1323 as it will have to be placed ahead of time in order for the order to be filled.

Allies of Vita can receive an additional 15% off their purchases by using the codephrase: Sono venuto, ho visto, ho conquistato

Enemies of Vita can expect these charges to be 11x more then the listed price if they choose to try to trade with the Vitian people

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