Pending Sheepy for mod application


New member
In game name: Kplayer2
Age: 16
Country/Timezone: Maryland

Why do you believe you should be staff?: I am a good choice for staff because I am extremely active in the community, which is an issue faced with previous moderators. I am well-liked and can work to create a good environment in the community, and I am not held back by nostalgia for previous worlds. Civwars' future is in my best interest

What would you bring to our current staff team?: As I mentioned previously, I am not held back by nostalgia for previous worlds. that isn't to say I am pro 1.9 PVP or anything, but I am much more open to new ideas and change. I am well-liked by the community and one of the most active on the server, so you can be sure to have active moderation on the Civwars discord as well as the server. If you could change one thing to Civwars,

what would it be?: Lack of information for new players - there was no tutorial at launch, and it was confusing to exit spawn. additionally, there was no help for those new to towny. all of these issues added up to a high player turnover rate, along with issues with the war system. Teach people what they are playing and they will be much more likely to be interested in it.

Anything else to add?: Civwars has led to me meeting a lot of people. Asdeo, Bloody, people I now talk to about 3 times a month, who I wouldn't have met otherwise. Civwars now means a lot to me, even If I didn't play much due to school / the confusion and flaws of the servers state at launch. Keeping Civwars alive means a lot to me. Positive change powered by the community, both new and old, and Highly qualified & experienced staff members such as diamonds is needed. Civwars is a one-of-a-kind server, and I trust the aforementioned community and staff to keep it alive for much longer.


+1 probably one of the nicest guys I’ve met, genuinely enjoys civwars and I think he can help the community grow. Not only that, sheepy can probably improve the staff team as well as he is extremely talented 😉


I know I commented here already but not making sheepy mod is retarded and if sheepy is mod civ will Litterally be alive again +1 you guys choose, but sheepy is the solution

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