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Welcome to the new forums! Let's get this started off with a bang! First order of business, deciding what kind of world terrain generation we want for the new map.


There are going to be three choices for the next map. They are as follows:

1. Vanilla Generation - Self-explanatory, the world will be generated as it would be in vanilla Minecraft. The catch with this is, the map will be kept relatively small at the beginning, and then expanded with the 1.17 Cave Update. To compensate for the smaller map size, elytras will once again be disabled until the update. One big downside with going with the vanilla generation is that when we update to 1.17, the height limit will be raised and lowered, and that may mess with the already existing world. If it gets bad enough, we may need to transfer worlds, we would allow movement of all items and maybe even some builds, but IF THIS HAPPENS THIS IS NOT A WIPE, JUST A TRANSFER. Hopefully, the transfer will not be required but this is a risk we're taking if we go with vanilla world generation.

2. Custom Generation - The surrounding details such as the static world-map, marketability, and world expansion are the same as the hand-built world, it is explained in greater detail below. However, with this we would be using a plugin, instead of having it hand-made, to generate the world down to the block. Everything is customizable in this in that the world can be infinitely generated with custom biomes AND vanilla biomes. Both are custom tweakable down to the blocks and schematics.

3. Hand Built - This world will contain a few continental land masses along with vast oceans. The map will have custom trees, caves, terrain etc. but overall will not drift super far from vanilla generation. This map would be slightly flatter to encourage town building as well as be easier to PvP on. We are planning on having naturally generating ruins (similar to how jungle and desert temples generate) and may include ruins of old towns in there. The hand built map would have a static world-map to allow easier traversal of land. No structures, claims, or player locations will be shown, allowing you to maintain stealthiness if that is your playstyle. In an effort to be extremely transparent with you guys, I want to say that hand built and custom map generation dominate the Towny community these days. Going with one of these options makes the server MUCH more marketable and more attractive to new players. Here are some pictures of a previous hand-made worlds, please note that the world we have hand-made does not have to be exactly like this, we will take your feedback, and make it flatter or closer to vanilla etc. however you guys want. This world will be tweaked and specified to work with our amazing mix of builders and PvPers. For this hand-built map, we can order expansions to the map as needed and won't run into any issues like we would for a vanilla gen world updating to 1.17.


Please vote for one. Any attempt to alt/bot the poll will be met severely. Voting will end in two week's time from this post. If two choices are close, we may do a runoff. Feel free to discuss below and on discord!


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Provided it's done right I'll agree with a custom gen one but I stg im murdering anyone who votes hand built custom


Retired Staff
Frankly, I don't see anything wrong with procedural vanilla generation. It does a better job staying consistant than a hand-crafted world ever could. Potentially knowing the plugin that would be used for custom generation, I cannot morally support that option either.


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Hand made looks pretty interesting. It's more in depth and I like the biome's complexities, so it makes getting used to it more handy.

Yeah I am a big fan of just the level of detail that goes into the handmade maps and each biome.

Here is some examples of pictures:



(make sure to click load more images on both pages)


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Bro that is fucking legendary, why aren't more people voting for this?

The time is now old man
A cool looking map ain't gonna mean shit when i flatten every chunk in a 500 block radius down to y:60 to ensure my buildings are all the same starting height

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