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    Pending RedTillDead Moderator Application

    +1 Red has been a great help and has made my job easier where he has been able to
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    Pending Not a mod application

    How would you make the server "not aids"? What are some ideas to "make civwars, civwars again"?
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    Denied ban appeal

    Please open a ticket so we can discuss in detail.
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    Denied ban appeal

    It seems to me that you share the same IP address with Gimzo and me16. Are these siblings/friends? Hell, the shared IP has more logins from the SWATFORLIFE account than it does with the Gizmo account. I'm gonna need more information here.
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    Accepted my alt

    Hey Phurry, Thanks for taking the time to appeal. Not being aware of the rules isn't an excuse, especially considering how long you've been playing and how long this rule has been here. Just know a further alt violation will not be appealable and you will be limited to your main account only...
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    Build Contest: House of Worship Voting

    Hey everyone, Welcome to the voting thread for the first CivWars Build Contest on this brand new map! I apologize for the delay between the end of the contest and the voting, ran into some issues, however the floor is yours' now. We have had some great builds by the wonderful players of...
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    Accepted Ban Appeal

    Mr. Dolan, I am going to shorten your ban appeal to 2 weeks, pending your karaoke performance. Please do not use a duplication glitch again in the future, as you will be not allowed to appeal. ACCEPTED - PENDING Regards, Chocolate
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    Accepted Ban Appeal

    Please use the ban appeal format found in this link!
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    Accepted RedTillDead Discord Mute Appeal

    Well. What you did was both morally and ethically reprehensible, but also really damaged the playerbase. You were extremely toxic at a time when new players were eagerly joining the discord. However, in not only the time since your mute, but even before then, you have been extremely helpful in...
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    Denied Phurry (hear me out)

    A little insight on this, I totally backed out of the discussion when the decision was being made to accept Bloody. I still don't get personally involved in any issues/concerns people may have with him, leaving it to others. And then there's also shit like this picture lmao (he still has not...
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    Accepted Ban Appeal

    Mr. BongRipz, My lawyer has been in contact with your's, and I think a karaoke date will be arranged. In all seriousness, I appreciate the fact you are apologetic and seem truly regretful of your actions. We take DDoS/dox jokes and threats very seriously due to not only the prevalence of both...
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    Denied FTen

    Hello, I wanted to thank you for taking the time to apply, old friend. You've certainly had a mostly positive and constructive presence since your return. However, being fully transparent here, there are a few concerns. Considering you have been back for just over a week, some in the staff...

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